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Your Business on a Mac

Looking for ways to improve productivity, upgrade your computing platform or protect your data? New hardware may be the answer, but where can you get honest, specialist advice on the best solution for you?

Serviceweb - your Apple experts

When your business needs new hardware, Serviceweb is here to help. We work directly with you to consult, recommend, configure, pre-test, deliver and install the best Apple solution that best suits your requirements.

Kent’s leading Apple Authorised Service Provider

As Apple consultants we are uniquely qualified to recommend what hardware you really need. Not only that, it will be custom tailored to fit your needs, and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems or network.

Serviceweb and you

Serviceweb can help you to get the most out of your business. With our friendly professional services, you’ll soon realise the full potential of your IT investment.

Sales & Consultancy

Working with you, understanding your needs, business requirements and existing workflows, we can offer specific solutions into your workplace with the minimum disruption.

Your business, your Apple system

Whether you're looking for a new computer for music and video authoring, a CAD workstation, a design and print system or just want to replace an existing Windows based PC, we can recommend the best possible Apple solution for you.

A Mac made in heaven!

We'll look at your business and examine the possibilities that Apple systems could offer. There's no obligation to buy, but we’re confident once you hear our recommendations you'll want to explore what Serviceweb could do for you.

If you want to find out more about Apple computers and devices, contact us today.

Service & Repairs

If you need to have your Apple device repaired we offer a quick "check-in" service so you can be on your way as quickly as possible. There's no waiting and no need to make an appointment. Just bring your equipment in, we will run a quick diagnostic on it and give you an idea of the solution and costs involved

Apple warranty advice

Unsure if your Apple warranty is still valid? Drop us an e-mail or call us with your serial number and we’ll check your warranty status straight away.

Superb Serviceweb service

If you have a problem with your Apple device, call Serviceweb or bring it in for a service. We have ample parking and easy access to our premises and if it’s heavy, we’ll even carry it in for you!

On Site or Remote Service

We also offer an on site or remote service depending on the problem, give us a call to discuss.

Service & Support Contracts

Many of our clients work in fast-paced, deadline driven environments so we offer maintenance contracts to ensure continuous, dependable service.

Apple experts at your service

We aim to make computer service and technology planning affordable to businesses that might not be able to afford IT staff of their own, but need the professionalism and response time such a staff would provide.

Affordable invaluable IT support

Our contracts are designed to deliver this service at an affordable cost. They are simple, flexible and provide key options that both large and small business customers need. We can even put together a custom plan just for you.

Apple Servers & Networks

Serviceweb offers complete network support for businesses. We can configure and install a server to meet all your company's needs, from e-mail and remote dial up access to back-up strategies to keep your data secure.

Fast ethernet networking

Why not try the latest gigabit ethernet or 10 gigabit networking? Many companies are still tied to older, slower network switches and hubs but quite often we can identify an upgrade path which is not only beneficial for productivity but for your budget too.

Mac servers & storage solutions

Our staff are officially Apple trained, so you can be sure that when it comes to installing and implementing a server solution we will provide good, solid advice backed by real world knowledge to keep you ahead of the game.

Mac & Windows

These days it’s not uncommon to find Macs in many businesses. However, internal IT departments often lack the knowledge or experience needed to properly manage and maintain these systems, or integrate them into existing Windows networks.

Seamless integration

Serviceweb has wide experience of the unique challenges of integrating Macintosh computers in a mixed computing environment. From Microsoft Exchange to Active Directory Integration, we’ve already implemented these solutions and can help you do the same.

Working with Windows

We are perfectly happy working on Windows PC's and regularly setup PC's for our clients who require the odd PC or virtual PC to run PC only software, like Sage.



Internet & Security

If you use the internet, you’re probably already aware of its pitfalls. You use it, you come to depend on it and then it goes down. When that happens, Serviceweb is there to help.

Independent ISP advice

We have no affiliation with any one ISP (Internet Service Provider). That means we can give you impartial advice on how to get up and running again, as well as guidance on the best provider for your needs.

Getting you online

Serviceweb provides a full set-up service to get you online. We'll discuss a suitable provider with you, organise your connection and visit you to get the connection up and running with all the internet services you require.

Internet solutions at work

Whether you want one computer or the whole office connected and on-line, we’re here to help. Wireless or wired, with full security, internet services and firewall, we understand the web and how it can work for you.


Business Support